Not long now…

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It’s only three and a half weeks until Summer of No Regrets is published. I’m feeling a mixture of excitement, of gratitude to everyone who has supported me and of panic because eeeekkk people are going to read what I’ve written. And then possibly rate it.

The reviews so far have been lovely (page-turner seems to be a reoccurring phrase), The Reading Agency has included Summer of No Regrets in a Top Ten Summer YA Reads and I’ve seen the final cover with sunglasses that shimmer. All 100 tickets have gone for the launch at Waterstones in Birmingham, more events are planned and school visits are getting booked up. Everything is sorted.

And yet, when I stop and really think, rather than chasing my to-do list, I still find it incredible that it is even happening. That a story I dreamt up out of nowhere, that wouldn’t exist without me writing it, is going to be out there, flying under its own steam, cutting its own path in the world. That blows my mind. It’s brilliant and is a feeling I’ve never felt before. It promises to be an emotional whirlwind for the next few months and I’m planning to approach it like I’ve done everything before – doing things outside my comfort zone, enjoying the moments and to give it all I’ve got. It’s going to be (cheese alert!) my Summer of No Regrets (sorry, I did warn you!).

I wanted to do something to thank those who have pre-ordered a copy of Summer of No Regrets. For someone to have the confidence to pre-order a book, particularly a debut, is a pretty cool thing, and I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has.

So here’s my competition…

For pre-ordering Summer of No Regrets, you get the chance of winning either:

A large Hotel Chocolat hamper (worth £40 – to be delivered directly, so there’s no chance of me eating the prize!)


A critique of 5000 words and a skype chat (might be good for a first chapter, covering letter and synopsis)


To be put into the hat, send me a screenshot of your pre-order email – either by twitter DM, or by email to If you reserve it at your library, that counts too. Cover up any details you don’t want me to see, as long as I can see your name and that you ordered Summer of No Regrets, it’s all good. Even if you were super-keen and ordered it months ago, it still counts.

Closing date is April 30. Winner will be announced on May 1. Winner gets to choose the prize they prefer. UK only.


And I’ll be honest, not many people will enter (because of the faff-factor) so if the prizes are of interest, enter! You’ll have a great chance of winning!

Summer of No Regrets - cover


After their exams, four sixteen-year-old best friends pledge to live a summer regret-free, doing what they want to do however much it scares them: Sasha agrees to spend the holiday with her father in Geneva, having not seen him for six years, but is not expecting his new girlfriend, or the young man in the cafe. Shy Hetal decides to go to science camp, and finds a new competitive spirit. Nell gets a summer job, but after her accident her mother is scared to let her out of the house – so to do what she wants she will have to lie to her parents. Cam goes to look for her birth father, scared of the future when she can no longer stay with her foster family. What will she find? As all these choices become difficult, even dangerous, they will need to turn to each other for the strength to face the future.

Available from Waterstones, Hive, Foyles, Amazon and your local independent bookshop.

2 thoughts on “Not long now…

  1. What a cool thing! Congratulations!

    I love that I’ve caught you the moment before you go “live” and your world will change forever, Kate. I’ll be keeping up with the next of your many adventures! (yay!)

    Liked by 1 person

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